I worked with Eileen for my investment house in Florida in 2010. As a rookie in this area, I entered the field with a lot of question marks. So many options on the market brought more barriers to make the decision. Eileen answered all of my concerns with her deep understanding of the business, full experience and most touching, tons and tons patience. She worked with my pace. During the negotiation process, she did her best to fight for my maximum benefit. Moreover, closing the deal doesn't mean that she walked away as most of other agents did. She escorted me on the whole process of setting the business. I do not think I could get into this investment so smoothly without her professional assistance.

  -- From Linda Sun, PA


Eileen has been a fantastic help since we first began in this business a little under two years ago. She really helped us by assisting us in the furnishing of the home, where the best places for amenities are, as well as other management and set up necessities. Not only did she help me with the set up, but she also helped with showing me the ropes and the way the business works. She has devoted numerous hours to helping rent out my home and advising my own rentals. She has really been an asset.

--From Kan, NJ


We just wanted to send a quick little note thanking you for all you have done. Thanks so much for all your hard work and thoughtfulness in the buying houses in Orlando Florida. But what impressed us the most was the services you provided after the buying of our house. You have been a great help through all aspects of setting up our houses ready for renting. I cannot imagine the headache I could have faced going through processes of listing my houses, drafting rental agreement, and negotiating rental prices without your assistance every step along the way. I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in buying houses, learning the essence of renting houses.

--From Michael Zhu, NJ


"When I was interested in purchasing a property in FL, I selected Ms. Li as my agent. From house search to closing, we had very smooth cooperation, including all discussion, Q-and-A, negotiation, procedure, etc. After all, my impression was that this was the person I could trust. I relied on her introduction, advices, and services to buy a property even without a look of the property! I was very satisfied with the purchasing and recommended to my supervisor, who bought a house through Ms. Li, and she was happy with her purchasing, too."

 --From Wendy Bei, NJ