Xuanguan Li: Fl Real Estate Agent

Mr. Li came to U.S. immediately after he graduated from Tsinghua University in 1995. Over the years, he gained tremendous interest in the real estate market and became an active real estate investor himself. Mr. Li's engineering background helps him gain valuable insights from real estate market data. After he completed some successful investment deals, Mr. Li decided to become an real estate agent so that he can help other real estate investors succeed. At the same time, being an real estate agent gives Mr. Li access to real estate data that is accessible to agents only. This makes his analysis even more accurate regarding real estate market and trends. Mr. Li is currently licensed as a real estate agent in both the state of Florida and the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Li also owns investment properties in both China and U.S.

Jennifer S. Rivera FL Licensed Real Estate Agent and Notary Public.

Jennifer has over 15 year Experience in Residential Property Management Outstanding management expertise in the areas of resident relation and customer service.






Carolyn Hunt, Licensed Realtor in the state of Florida, Executive Manager of Sunshine Florida Realty Management department Carolyn has over 20 years professional experience in extensive administration, customer service and office management. Carolyn gained profound real estate experience from her most recent jobs in an Architecture and Home Interior Design Company and Centex Homes (later bought by Pulte) for the last 6 years.






Delia Huxell, the Operations Manager of Sunshine Florida Realty Management department Delia has strong management background. With her MBA degrees obtained in 1995, and over 30 years professional experience in management, training, customer service, and hotel management, Delia has gained reputation from both the home owners and the guests for her dedication in short term and long term rental management with high quality service, prompt responses, customer-oriented attitude and perfect communication skills.

Shawn X. Huang Experienced and result oriented Real Estate investment professional with broad industry experience complemented by a documented leadership and successful track record in financial/cash flow planning and capital budgeting. Licensed Realtor in the state of Florida Trained Civil Engineer with MBA degree from University of South Carolina at Columbia 20 year US resident; finance/investment professional with extensive investment management experience Most recently served as Global Marketing Controller at Dell Inc. Owner/investor of 6 investment properties in Florida and Texas.

John Zhou, Licensed Real estate agent in multiple states. Being globally connected and locally committed, John is dedicated to serving his valued clients' all of their real estate needs. He has been active in real estate investing and working with both international and domestic real estate investors since 2003. His international experience helps him relate to many his culturally diverse clients. Using his wide range of knowledge of the real estate market, market research expertise and strong negotiation skills, john takes pride in working closely with his valued clients. He has the resources, global reach and local knowledge to help his clients throughout the process of buying, selling and leasing investment/retirement/vacation home. John also has owned and managed many investment rental properties including dozen rental properties that he owned at the same time.