Sunshine Florida Realty provides total service of management, repairs as well as bookings to remote vacation home owners for their investment properties. It is determined to provide 5-star quality service to both home owners and guests at very reasonable cost.  Our goal is to make our home owners completely worry-free for their homes under our management. Our systematic and efficient way of management ensures us to be able to provide quality service and  personalized care to home owners and guests at very competitive price.

Our management team has 3 core members with professional background and good ethnics to ensure our goal to be reached.


Eileen Li, the President, who has been a Vacation Homeowner, a Real Estate Professional and a Disney area Vacation Home Booking Specialist for over 6 years. Eileen has a MBA background and is “obsessed” with efficiency at work.  Her professionalism combined with warm personality  always win her  customer satisfaction. As a home owner of 2 vacation homes for over 6 years, Eileen knows exactly the quality of services that the guests and the owners expect from  the local management company.


Carolyn Hunt, the Executive Manager of Sunshine Florida Realty Management Department, has over 20 years professional experience in extensive administration, customer service and office management. Carolyn gained profound real estate experience from her most recent jobs in an Architecture and Home Interior Design Company and Centex Homes (later bought by Pulte) for the last 6 years.


Delia Huxell, the Operations Manager of Sunshine Florida Realty Management department, has strong management background. With her MBA degrees obtained in 1995, and over 30 years professional experience in management, training, customer service, and hotel management, Delia has gained reputation from both the home owners and the guests for her dedication in short term and long term rental management with high quality service, prompt responses, customer-oriented attitude and perfect communication skills.


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